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What to Expect with Boat Rental
Palm Harbor Charters boat rentals are smaller crafts that are available for full-day or half-day rental slots. Rentals include the boat itself as well as all of the safety equipment required. Please remember to bring your equipment meaning, everything you want and need for a pleasurable trip. For instance, you might want to snorkel or sunbathe on one of the local islands, so bring the gear that you would require. Also, do not forget your refreshments, meals, etc.

Boat Rentals

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Boat Rental


Boat Charters

Renting or chartering a boat is technically the same thing; however, these two terms refer to different boating experiences. This decision comes down to what you want to do, how comfortable and relaxed you want to be, and do you want to be responsible for your experience. If you seek adventure and have the necessary experience to operate the boat yourself, the boat rental is for you. Ready to relax and want to experience the Florida Gulf Coast with a local captain, then Chartering is for you. It is almost like taking a cruise, but you can go wherever the wind takes you. The captain is on your schedule and is there to make your trip unforgettable.